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Yodel Company History

Yodel is one of the top names in the delivery service for citizens of the UK. Founded in 2008, the company quickly caught the attention of large investors, eventually making its way to the DHL Express Group where it was re-branded. They have not always had a spotless reputation, receiving complaints about the disappearance of packages. Despite the negative press, they dusted themselves off, transforming into what is now one of the biggest names for the UK delivery services. Now thanks to Yodel tracking, it is even easier to keep eyes on packages as they make their way across town or the globe.

Yodel Tracking

To keep up with the contents of packages, the company offers tracking services. It requires a special Yodel number placed on each package before leaving for its destination. To track your shipment, check out the home page navigating to the spot where you can enter the details. You can expect the last known position of your precious content or at least a heads up when the package gets where it needs to go. Keeping an eye on your package is much like in other courier services, requiring that you use a Yodel tracking number.

What is Yodel Parcel Number?

This number is unique and acts as an identifier for packages as they make their way along their route. The most popular tracking number format is a combination of 18 characters, starting with 2 alphabets, following by 16 digits (for example, TF 1456325632178956). To enjoy Yodel parcel tracking, you will need this number, entering it into the ‘track your package’ section found on the home page. This feature will allow you to take advantage of Yodel delivery tracking, getting the details of the last known destination of your item as it gets checked in along the way. Also, it serves for Yodel international tracking, no matter how far your package will need to travel.

How to Track Yodel Package Without a Tracking Number?

To enjoy Yodel order tracking, you must have the tracking number. There are cases where the number can be misplaced or forgotten, which you will need to recover by contacting customer service via phone or email.

Yodel Tracking Statuses

After entering the information, you are more than likely to get a status update, but what do some of them mean?

  • With Sender Awaiting Collection: Yodel knows about your package, but still hasn’t received correspondence from the sender.
  • Left Sender or Collected: It’s shipped and about to start its journey.
  • At Yodel Deposit: The package is at a Yodel destination and will be shipped out in the coming days.
  • Left Yodel Deposit: It’s making its way to a Yodel destination and is now traveling alongside a driver that is on their way.
  • With Courier/Driver: It’s with a deliverer and will reach the end in no later than 72 hours.
  • Was with Courier/Driver: This means one of two things. 1. That there was an attempted delivery or 2. It is on the way back to a holding spot. Such a situation may typically only happen if there have been a few attempts where you were missed.
  • Delivered: This only means one thing, that your item is safe and sound at its desired destination.

Yodel Services

Over the years, Yodel has expanded and now offers several top-notch services that UK citizens can enjoy. Whether you want to visit the sites yourself, do business in a location, or log in online, the company has made it their goal to make all things dealing with delivery and mailing easy and hassle-free.

Yodel International

If you’ve got a package that needs to make it to a place across the globe, rest assured that these guys have it under control. International shipping is available for over 200 countries, along with tracking services, to ensure that your package is going right where it needs to at all times.

Yodel Xpect

Waiting for delivery always seems to involve waiting for the courier all day long and still missing him somehow. To get around this pesky problem, the company has added a service that will give a 2-hour notice. Say goodbye to missed packages.

Yodel Xpress

One of the most popular is Xpress delivery, with the courier situated in sites all across the UK. It guarantees that the package will reach its destination in one to two business days without a problem.

Yodel Xpert

Not every package is equal, just like not every delivery service is. To tailor shipping needs to customer needs, the company offers Xpert, which will allow you to customize the delivery details. It is great for high-value content packages or BFPO services.

Offshore Services

Got something that needs to sail across the sea? No worries! Yodel has offshore services that will get packages to places like Ireland and the Isle of Man.

How much does it cost to ship a package by Yodel?

The prices of shipping vary. Things like the distance, the package’s size, and contents, are considered before the final price is calculated. For a bit of an idea, delivery that shows up the very next day starts around 6.24£ plus tax. For a quick comparison, a 48-hour delivery comes with a base price of £5.99. Both come with an option to insure the content for up to £2500.

How long does it take for Yodel to Deliver Mail?

It all depends on the desired destination your item is set to go to. For those that are staying domestic, the package can make it to its destination in as little as the same day or next day. The standard operating hours are from 6 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday, to keep packages moving, and customers – satisfied.

What time does Yodel deliver

Deliveries generally make their way through the streets of the UK from 6 in the morning until 8 in the evening. This timing gives customers a large window to keep up with their deliveries.

Can I change my delivery time?

If a bit of miscommunication between you and the deliverer has occurred, no need to fret. Visit someone at your closest Yodel point or change the timing on the official website.

If I’m not in, what will happen to my parcel?

If it just so happens that you miss the package from an attempted delivery, another attempt will be scheduled for the next day. If you’re not sure the timetables match up, your package will make a trip to the nearest station and remain there until you’re ready to pick it up on your own.

When can I pick my parcel up from the depot?

If it happens that your package was taken to a pickup location near you, you may collect it from where on any day (except Sunday) anytime from 7 am to 9 pm.

Can somebody else pick my parcel up for me from the Yodel Depot?

At the pickup from the deposit nearest you, give your unique tracking number for the package to be located. After that, you can inform Yodel that someone else will be coming to their place. In this way, there is zero confusion.

How to Find Yodel Lost Packages

Your package may only be delayed, not lost. For starters, take advantage of the Yodel track item service. Just enter the unique ID to get the scoop on the last scanning. If you’ve heard nothing about the shipment for 3 or more days after the last scanning, you can make a claim with Yodel for your lost items.

How to return a parcel

Returns are never a big deal; they will even pick it up, taking it off your hands and saving you any hassle of having to make a trip that could be inconvenient for you. More about returning you can read here.

Yodel contacts

For problems, concerns, or questions throughout the entire experience, at the time of reception, or when making a return, Yodel customer service can be reached in several ways. On the homepage, there is an FAQ section with tons of answers to helpful questions. If you’re looking for interaction, talk to a person via the web chat option right from the homepage; it works on Monday– Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, and on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Finally, there is a customer service hotline available – 0344 755 0117. It operates during the same working hours as the webchat.