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Track the parcel Yodel
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We are an innovative company providing courier services to UK’s top retailers and businesses. E-commerce is shifting focus and more shoppers prefer online shopping. Hence, businesses require secure methods of delivering their products to customers efficiently. Most online store owners partner with courier services to ensure their customers receive their products on time. Yodel is trusted by many businesses for our competent services. Furthermore, we offer parcel tracking services to our customers.

How to Use Yodel to Track Your Parcel

Yodel provides online tracking to its customers. Each parcel is allocated a tracking number. This unique number is also referred to as tracking code, tracking ID or a parcel reference number. Also, the tracking numbers are in different formats which are given at the sale point. If you want to track your parcel, go to our tracking site; enter the tracking number and the delivery postcode. This enables you to view the status of your shipment at any time as long as you have an Internet connection. For convenient purposes, you can download ‘my yodel tracking’ app to help you track your shipment. This tracking service also provides solutions when you want to collect or reschedule your delivery. Enter the yodel number and simply have it rearranged.
The following are some of Yodel’s services:
* Yodel Xpress
This is a service that delivers your parcel within two days. It is easy, flexible and delivers small and medium parcels.
* Yodel Xpect
This service offers customers prior notification about expected deliveries. The window period is two hours.
* Yodel Xperience
This service enhances the experience of customers from the point of order to delivery. It ensures that customers are not inconvenienced in each process.
* Yodel Xpert
This is a specialized delivery service offered to customers with fragile parcels or goods of high value.
* Offshore services
This service applies to customers outside UK: Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and Isle of man.

Importance of Tracking

Parcel tracking has made it easier for businesses to serve their clients with transparency and accountability. With the rise of online shoppers, courier services are innovating solutions to enhance the experience of their customers. The ultimate satisfaction of shoppers is to receive what they ordered for on time. Hence, tracking solutions assure business owners and customers that their package will be delivered.
Furthermore, Yodel uses a survey program for shoppers ‘Have your say’ to listen to the consumer’s views. This helps us to understand the delivery experience of users and hence, work further to improve services and solutions to meet client’s needs.

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