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CDEK is a leading courier company in Russia, providing transportation and logistics solutions in the local and domestic market. It began operation in 2000 to offer delivery services for online stores throughout Russia and across the globe. Modern technological resources ensure quick and quality delivery services. CDEK offers logistics solutions such as freight forwarding, warehouse facilities, customs clearance, and tracking services. Currently, it has 1,500 postal offices spread out in 11 countries and 15,000 pick-up points. Additional services include courier rental, bulky cargo delivery, insurance, packaging, and repeat trip, among other personalized services.

It promotes cross-border trade by delivering goods from major brands in the USA and China to Moscow and Russia. CDEK has flexible tariff rates, swift deliveries, and an efficient tracking system. The tracking system is an online service that caters to the individual needs of customers who want to be part of the shipping process by knowing the exact location of their parcel.

How CDEK works

Monitoring a parcel is an efficient way of knowing whether it will arrive on time and in perfect condition. CDEK tracking system allows customers to carry out independent tracking at any time and place.

Before the shipment process begins, each parcel has to undergo a scanning process using a barcode scanner to assign unique identification. The code is known as the CDEK tracking number or ID. Order tracking is possible via the company website where you need to enter the tracking id to access the parcel status. The system also allows you to coordinate the delivery date and time, change the mode of delivery and pick-up point. Ensure that the information about the parcel is similar to the data on the payment receipt for accurate results. The sender usually notifies the recipient of the tracking code to ensure an effective tracking process.

You can activate the auto-track feature to receive regular alerts whenever the status of your parcel changes. Download CDEK app on your smart device and monitor your parcel on the go. Tracking packages lessens the risk of loss and damages since carrier companies exercise extreme caution to ensure smooth parcel deliveries.

CDEK International Tracking

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