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CNE Express is a leading transportation and logistics company based in China specializing in express delivery of parcels while offering professional logistics solutions to clients in the e-commerce industry. It began operations in 2002 to provide professional parcel deliveries to businesses in China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, Europe, and the USA. Deliveries occur by sea and air via SAL package. CNE has official certification from reliable e-commerce sites such as Amazon, AliExpress, Wish Merchant, and Joom Platform.

CNE Express offers efficient international cross-border services such as warehousing, freight inquiry, insurance, and customs clearance. It also has a tracking system which enables clients to trace their parcels from the dispatch point to the last delivery stage.

How CNE Express tracking works

Tracking and tracing a parcel is vital in the shipping industry since clients need to know the details about their packages: for instance, condition, delivery date, routing, etc. CNE has a tracking system in place to help customers carry out independent tracking conveniently.

At the dispatch point, the shippers ensure that each parcel has a unique identifier to prevent parcel loss and shipment mix-up. It is a detailed process involving scanning each package and assigning a special number known as a CNE Express tracking number or tracking ID. The code is a requirement when you want to track your parcel. Usually, the recipient receives the number from the sender through e-mail notification with the parcel information.

The track and trace option is accessible on the website express tracking page. You can track up to 30 consignments at a time. Enter each tracking number, one per line, and then click the ‘track’ button. It also has an option to track parcels by using the waybill number, which retrieves further information about the parcel, such as the shipper who signed, the date of receipt and delivery, etc.

Advantages of using CNE Express

  • Efficient tracking system.
  • It has stable delivery timelines with no delays.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Innovative logistics solutions.
  • Provides international cross-border solutions for e-commerce traders.
  • Swift customs clearance rate.

International CNE Express Shipping Tracking Solution

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