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Yun Express has been shipping goods and products to over 200 countries for the last several years. Based in China, this company started with the goal of evolving the way companies choose to do business by providing state-of-the-art technology and workflows that increase productivity for businesses around the world. It primarily services medium to large corporations, both of which rely on the receipt of their products on time and in one piece. The company’s website is a great resource for all suppliers, providing a detailed look at all the information needed to stay on top with cutting-edge shipping solutions. Each tab is labeled with its corresponding task, making navigation quick, simple, and to the point.

Track Your Order with Yun Express

Each order comes with a corresponding ID that serves as a Yun Express tracking number, providing detailed information including location and expected delivery. To take full advantage of the site’s capabilities, after visiting the page, simply navigate to the tracking tab where you will be asked to input your shipping number. Yun Express tracking is updated as packages pass through checkpoints at which they are scanned, with information forwarded to provide an updated estimate of delivery status. These scans are mandatory as packages change hands, required upon entry and exit from their current facility. This system can benefit large companies in many ways as it allows them to confidently provide clients with a proper estimate of the packages’ expected delivery time and date. It also helps to make sure that contents safely reach their desired location, raising a red flag if delivery takes longer than usual or if there is an unforeseen delay. Normal tracking done by Yun Express is great, but there is another system that may be combined with tracking on the official website to guarantee a more detailed and accurate location of all orders.

Tracking with

Many businesses rely on the tracking information today as it is crucial for giving clients the confidence about the status and location of their parcels. Even just one day in delay could cause chaos depending on the product. Thus, for an added sense of security, many businesses are turning to tracking services like to have a more accurate account of the shipment’s location and up-to-date notifications. It is easy to use, requiring only the unique Yun Express tracking ID and a visit to the home page. After entering the number, you’ll see the package’s pinpoint location displayed along with any important updates to its delivery status. Notifications are conveniently sent to your mobile phone or email in the event of any occurrence. All information can be found on your dashboard located on From here, you can also add other shipments to easily manage all deliveries from one place. This accuracy, ease, and convenience is the reason why many users are turning to for the most detailed and real-time updates on parcels they are having shipped all over the world.