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SunYou or Shunyou is a global logistics service solutions provider from China. The company specializes in providing global e-commerce services. SunYou is the commonly used name for Shenzhen Shunyou Crossborder Logistics Company Limited. Its headquarters is in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China and it has branches in Hong Kong, Kula Lumpur, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, Yiwu, and Hangzhou. The number of packages it handles daily is more than 500,000, and its services are used by more than 100,000 international e-commerce companies. To handle such a mass volume of transport and to ensure the highest level of quality, the company has resources at several important international airports.

The company has been continuously striving to improve itself and become the most efficient international courier service provider in China and the world. The association with SunYou has benefitted numerous e-commerce companies in many countries and particularly in China.

Services Provided by SunYou

The following are the important services provided by the carrier.

Shunyoubao Line: It is an exclusive postal line for e-commerce products. The products will be available for customs clearance in the destination country within 4-5 days — the service commonly used by eBay, Ali Express, Amazon, etc.

Shun Speedbao Line: It is a business clearing line from SunYou. The product has the characteristic of fast delivery and customs clearance. The maximum weight allowed is 30 kgs.

Shunyou SYEMS: It is a special express delivery service with fast delivery, easy customs clearance, and fast, stable channel delivery. The service is preferred for high-value products.

Shunyou E-mail: It is a fast customs clearance product with a stable channel and fast delivery. It is most suitable for investments in a week. The weight limit is 2 kgs.

K-Mail: This is a fast clearance and stable channel service for investments within five days. The maximum weight allowed is 2 kg.

Wish Mail Shunyou International Packet: It is a complete logistics product tailored for merchants in the Wish platform. It is best suited for small parcels.

Aliexpress-Shunyou Air Bag: It is a logistics service for small items and is suited for special packages like live items.

How to Track SunYou Packages?

SunYou Mail tracking is quite easy. To do it online, you need to visit the webpage,, and enter the SunYou tracking number you received while booking the parcel. The results will be displayed within a few seconds.

If you are a regular customer of SunYou, it is advisable to download and install the SunYou app on your smartphone, with the help of which, you can easily track the shipments. Both Android and iOS versions of the app is available.

Tracking SunYou shipments with

Most of the e-commerce platforms make use of more than one courier service providers for the transport and delivery of their products. It is convenient for such bulk users to make use of the multiple courier tracking system of

Advantages of using for tracking SunYou Packages

  • You can track all your shipments in a single webpage;
  • You can directly compare the service quality of different service provider on;
  • The registration is free and quick, and the process of tracking packages is simple.