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4PX Tracking

The 4PX postal company is one of the leading logistics companies that deliver different goods from China. This company is rather big and has different departments in more than 50 countries all over the world. This company is cooperating with China Post and Singapore Post so that these carriers may cope with a constant flow of orders from AliExpress, TaoBao, and other Chinese e-shops. So, this company is also one of the most popular delivery companies in the world, as well as China Post and other AliExpress carriers. It is clear that this company has its own 4PX tracking service.

4PX Tracking Number Format

As well as many other carriers, this postal company has its own 4PX tracking site and a special tracking system. Although 4PX tracking information is the same as in other companies, a typical 4PX tracking number has some differences from European ones, for example.
Here are some formats typical for 4PX tracking number:
* XXXXXXPXXXXXX – this format always contains letter P and the individual set of numbers for each parcel;
* LMEXXXXXXX – the second format of a 4PX tracking number is a combination of LME letters at the beginning and a unique seven-digit number set for each package;
* SXXXXXXXXXXXX – the last format which has been actively used by this postal company. S letter is at the very beginning, followed by the individual numeric code.
All these numbers can be used by the carrier 4PX tracking system to locate a particular parcel of each client. Therefore, pay special attention to this code, even if it looks a bit strange.

How to Use a 4PX Tracking No. to Locate Your Parcel?

The process of 4PX parcel tracking is rather simple. You may track the parcel online at the 4PX site. To do this, you will need to find a unique 4PX delivery tracking code. Usually, it is given in a separate cover letter by e-mail or in the field of paid goods in the personal account at the website of an online shop.
You should learn that 4PX tracking usually becomes available during 3-6 days after payment. During these days, the company processes your order and sends it to the destination country. During the first 3-6 days tracking is not available, so the order will not be displayed on the map.
To see where the order is currently located, just copy the track number and paste it into the appropriate form at the official site. The service will show all the stages of processing the parcel.
However, 4PX delivery tracking is available only while the parcel is in China. You cannot track your package in another country, because a new carrier will give it a new tracking code. Fortunately, you may avoid a terrible headache with different tracking numbers for one and the same package with the help of our site pkge.net. We know how to make parcel tracking easier all over the world.