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What is Ecom Express?

Ecom Express is a leading logistics solutions provider in India, established in 2012. With a professional team boasting over 100 years of combined experience, Ecom Express has revolutionized the shipping services market in India, offering scalable and customized delivery solutions.

How can I track Ecom Express shipments?

To track Ecom Express shipments, use the Ecom Express tracking number provided at the time of shipment. This number can be entered on the Ecom Express website or on a universal tracking platform like PKGE for detailed and up-to-date tracking information.

Ecom Express tracking number format

The Ecom Express tracking number typically consists of a numeric code of 10 digits, for example, 9906657212. This unique code is essential for tracking the progress and location of your shipment.

Tracking with PKGE

For a more comprehensive tracking experience, use PKGE to track your Ecom Express order. PKGE provides detailed information about your Ecom delivery. PKGE platform makes it easier to monitor your Ecom Express shipments.

Where does Ecom Express deliver?

Ecom Express operates extensively across India, covering over 2650 towns and 27,000 PIN codes. They provide full-area coverage in 25 states, reaching more than 95% of the Indian population.

Is Ecom Express delivery expensive?

Ecom Express offers competitive delivery fees, balancing cost with the benefits and logistics behind their shipping services. Their fees are justified by the efficiency and reliability of their delivery system.

How long does it take for Ecom Express to ship?

Ecom Express typically delivers parcels within 24 to 72 hours across the Indian territory. Their quick delivery service is one of the reasons for their popularity in the Indian market.

Does Ecom Express deliver on Sunday?

Yes, Ecom Express delivers 365 days a year, including Sundays and holidays. This ensures that your parcels can arrive at their destination any day of the week.

How to return products on Ecom Express?

To return products with Ecom Express, access the eCommerce menu, click on the return option, and enter the Ecom Express delivery number. This number allows you to access all the tracking information and monitor the status of your return.

What services does Ecom Express logistics provides?

Ecom Express offers a range of services including prepaid, cash on delivery, standard delivery, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, electronic payment on delivery, scheduled pickups, and reverse logistics. They also provide Ecom fulfillment services and Ecom branded services, catering to various logistics needs.

Ecom Express tracking states

Ecom Express tracking states provide detailed information about the progress of your shipment.



Information Received

Ecom Express has received the information about your package but has not yet collected it from the seller.

Pick Up Completed

Ecom Express has collected the parcel from the sender.

In Transit

Your shipment is moving forward to the final destination.

Shipment at Delivery Centre

Your shipment has reached the final delivery center.

Out for Delivery

The package is out from the Ecom Express distribution center to your address.

Shipment Delivered

Ecom Express has delivered the parcel to your address.

Pick Up Failed

The seller has not handed over your parcel to the Ecom driver.

Check your Ecom Express status to find out where your Ecom parcel is.

How do I contact Ecom Express?

For any inquiries or assistance related to Ecom Express shipments, you can contact their customer service at +91 8376 888888. They provide support for tracking, delivery issues, and other shipment-related inquiries.