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Express mail Service (EMS) is traditionally referred to the international express postal service offered by the national postal service in any given state. The primary condition for rendering the EMS is for the postal carrier to be the member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The latter was established in 1998 for the sake of creating a harmonized, efficient network for high-quality postal services worldwide. Today, EMS is provided by national postal carriers in over 190 countries across the globe.

The essence of EMS is to provide premium quality services and quicker delivery periods. However, the rates charged for EMS are traditionally higher than those for national and international mailing services are.

Benefits of Using EMS

As the name of the postal service suggests, it is an express form of package shipment. Therefore, one of the most valuable advantages associated with selecting EMS as your preferred shipment option is the speed of delivery. Second, EMS enables expedited shipping and provides courier services, which increases the service’s usability and comfort for the clients.

EMS Tracking

Besides delivering flawless and speedy services to customers worldwide, EMS also provides the clientele with an option of EMS postal tracking. This option is highly valuable for international orders that often cover a long distance from the seller’s city to the buyer’s hands. Thus, to make sure that the purchase is indeed on its way, customers may use the EMS international tracking number for real-time tracking.

The unique EMS number is assigned to every package registered in the service at the moment of its departure, and this unique ID serves as its identifier at all intermediate points of travel. The number may be found on the purchase receipt or the documentation provided by the carrier once the parcel starts its travel via the postal route. Tracking may be conducted both at the official site of EMS and at other tracking web resources like Pkge.net.

Tracking Your EMS Package with Pkge.net

EMS delivery tracking has never been as easy as it is now with Pkge.net. Our website provides numerous possibilities for international package tracking in real time, thus enabling clients to track any package from any carrier no matter the status of its delivery. We have access to dozens of carriers’ information on their shipments and render high-quality service on postal service tracking with full data on the shipment available on demand.

All you need to do to conduct EMS shipping tracking is to register at our website and insert the EMS tracking number in the corresponding tab. Once you complete these steps, all latest information on your package will be displayed right on your screen.

With e-commerce growing day by day, millions of clients use international shipment options to get their purchases delivered from all corners of the world. Wishing to stay aware of your parcel’s status is natural, so Pkge.net works towards reassuring its users of their shipments’ intactness and progression towards their local postal offices or right to their doorsteps.