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Being most common way to deliver Korean goods to anywhere in the world, eParcel quickly became widespread and won the trust of customers. eParcel service is designed mainly for the delivery of small-sized goods from the well-known trading platform AliExpress. In its turn, eParcel is engaged in delivery of goods from stores of South Korea, because Korean products (especially cosmetics) have become very popular in recent years.

eParcel Tracking

eParcel is a convenient way of delivering goods from AliExpress. As it’s designed for the specific trading platform, all operation principles of the service are planned down to the smallest detail. Initially, the work of eParcel included only Chinese stores, but with the active but with active access of Korean sellers to the virtual market, a separate service was required for this group of entrepreneurs. So there was established eParcel service, which provided not only available and fast way of parcels shipment, but also few beneficial functions:
* Direct communication with the seller
eParcel offers a possibility of discussion between the customer, the seller and the delivery service of all necessary aspects.
* International tracking
Now the purchase of goods from Korea has become even more comfortable – you can track the package at any time, having only access to the Internet and eParcel tracking number. eParcel deals with sending small parcels to different countries, with the delivery period of approximately a month. Due to eParcel delivery tracking system, the probability of losing a postal item is minimal.

eParcel Tracking Site

The official website of eParcel looks like any postal service site – there is a special window where you need to enter the identification number. Thus a customer receives online relevant information about the location of his/her parcel. You can also check the tracking on the order page, but the seller doesn’t always change the shipment status in time, so self-tracking by eParcel tracking number is considered more reliable.

eParcel Tracking Number Format

Thanks to the convenient way of goods tracking by eParcel tracking number, buyers no longer need to worry about the safety and timing of delivery of their consignment. The seller reports the eParcel tracking id immediately after placing the order, but you can also find it by yourself – the tracking code is listed in the section ‘My orders’ on the page of desired item or on the check.
It’s worth noting that eParcel tracking number format is rather different. It consists of 12 digits starting with 6 and looks like this: 600000000000. After the arrival at the postal distribution center of another country, tracking number changes its format to international one. International tracking number contains 2 letters at the beginning, nine numerals, and 2 letters at the end. The letters at the end indicate the country of departure, the letters at the beginning – the type of departure. For instance, a packet to Great Britain send through the EMS will have following number GB000000000EE.