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ETS Express was introduced to the world in 1996 after a trade agreement reached between Russia and China. As time passed, this agreement would allow the company to expand throughout both countries, offering logistics solutions and shipping internationally. Their fusion also has been used as a powerful tool for companies, allowing them to operate more efficiently. The ETS Express service includes every part of the process to supply, customer interaction, billing, purchase, shipping, and tracking. Its largest impact today is the ability to ship packages all around the world safely and on time. With two of the top exporters working together, this dynamic duo has successfully introduced products to their owners more than 1 billion times per year during their 23 years in business. From the smallest of customers in the rural, hard-to-reach places to large corporations responsible for the delivery of items for small- to large-scale businesses around the world, ETS Express has successfully delivered to them all.

Tracking Your ETS Express Package

After the package is purchased and shipped, ETS offers an on-site tracking system that can easily locate contents by using an ETS express tracking number given at the time of purchase or shipment. From here, you simply follow the tracking tab and enter the number given. The site offers location services that work via checkpoints, updating you as the cargo passes every point and notifying you about the estimated or expected delivery time. Every checkpoint that the shipment reaches is scanned upon entrance and exit from every facility. It is then sent directly to the company’s web page and corresponds to the unique number it was assigned. The site also offers customer care if there are ever any questions or concerns about the timing or security of the package, displaying a phone number for any inquiries. Here you will be asked to provide the parcel number to an agent who can inform you about any status changes.

Seamless ETS Express Parcel Tracking with

The company has teamed with a tracking system to maximize the details of its location. gives buyers and senders an added sense of security by providing accurate and up-to-the-minute information. The company uses the same unique tracking number that is provided by ETS Express to give a more detailed look at its path. Any changes to delivery date or delays will be added to the parcel’s unique tracking record. Notifications are sent via SMS or email, allowing companies to stay connected with their orders. If there is more than one package to be delivered, provides an all-in-one look into every single package simply by entering the corresponding parcel numbers and adding them to your dashboard. The track and trace system of gives a more detailed and accurate account of the shipment’s whereabouts and takes the guessing out of delivery. Together, these two optimize the relationship between customers and companies by completely changing the more traditional ways of shipping goods across the globe.