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Delivery services are commonly needed worldwide, and post offices improve their services to work internationally with better efficiency. Flash Express is such a delivery service that enhances service quality daily and aims to provide the best options for all customers. Learn about the Flash specificities and service details below.

Introduction to Flash Express courier service

Flash Express is a delivery service in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and the Philippines. It provides ample room for various customers with both business and personal needs. Learn more about specific services below.

What do I need to track my Flash Express package?

To find out the info about your parcel, you need a tracking ID and the source to enter this code. Pkge.net order tracker is the perfect solution. To find any package:

  1. Go to pkge.net.
  2. Tap your tracking number(s).
  3. Click search.

You can also request notifications to receive status updates automatically.

What information can Flash Express tracking numbers communicate?

The tracking number is the key to the information about the stage and condition of delivery.

Where to search for my Flash number?

To learn a code for tracking your parcel, you can:

  • address the sender;
  • if you send it, look for details on the check;
  • look through the order info in your online shop account;
  • examine the documents you received after buying the insurance;
  • look through your incoming or spam mailbox folders;
  • if you received the parcel, the postal label has the tracking number.

If you still can’t find the code, contact customer service to help you.

What does the number Flash Express provide look like?

The format of your tracking ID depends on the country where the parcel was sent. For Thailand, the code should contain the TH letter combination and 13 to 14 symbols (numbers and Latin letters). Example: TH15D7G568NM914E.

Is it possible to trace a parcel without a tracking ID?

To track a shipment, you need a tracking ID anyway. If you’re a sender, you can find it on a receipt and confirmation letter or use your account on the website or an app. If you are a recipient – contact the sender to learn the tracking number.

What are the reasons for my number for Flash track not working?

Check if you wrote the number correctly and accordingly. Remember if you change the number recently, enter the new one of yes. Don’t include any dashes or spaces for the code to work.

Flash Express options for diverse needs

Flash Express delivery provides diverse solutions.

The gist of B2B, B2C, and C2C, and their differences

The abbreviations mentioned are common for indicating the parties of interaction, where B means Business and C is for the Customer. Thus, B2B suggests inter-enterprise relations, and so on -- respectively. The difference lies in the peculiarities of delivery scale but never touches on service quality.

How do the Next Day Service and Weekend Delivery work?

The Next Day delivery is available for relatively short destinations and works for shipping within a province and Bangkok surroundings. Weekend delivery is available during the whole year and allows for the same opportunities as regular workday delivery.

Details of WMS and On-Time Delivery

On-Time shipping suggests delivery according to SLA, which you can find on the official website. The basic point is that in case of delay caused by Flash Express, the company refunds shipment payment to the sender.

Flash Fulfillment provides warehousing options with related services. The range of WMS options is pretty wide so visit the website for more information.

What time does it take Flash Express to deliver the package?

According to the Pkge rate, the average delivery time for Flash Express is one day. According to the Flash Express SLA, the delivery to the suggested regions does not exceed three days (islands not included). Other variations depend on the type and size of your shipment, its destination point, and delivery conditions.

Is it possible to modify the destination address?

For this, use the support call line, the website, or the app. The only finesse to consider is you can change the address – not the province, district, or sub-district.

Why does Flash Express not update my parcel status?

Updates may stop coming because of a delivery delay or a system lag. Normally, the issues are fixed within two days but if you worry about the condition of your parcel, check it out by tracking it manually or calling the support line.

Flash Express Thailand contact information

To contact the courier representative, you may use the following ways:

Call 1436
Web https://www.flashexpress.co.th/
Customer support allcs@flashexpress.com
Cooperation e-mail bbd@flashexpress.com
Send a request online https://www.flashexpress.co.th/en/fle/contact-us/customer-support
Cooperation request online https://www.flashexpress.co.th/en/fle/consulting/
Headquarter 161 Unilever House 7th, 8th floor, Rama 9 Rd, Huaikwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand
Working hours 8:00 to 20:00 every day, including weekends and public holidays.

Using these contacts, you can clarify any delivery issue you encounter.

Flash Express is one of those delivery services that provide complex high-quality solutions for all the needs people may need in Southeast Asia. While working for four countries, Flash Express remains the top courier even in the most complicated situations, so you can stay confident that your parcels are all safe. Use Pkge.net to track your shipments even faster and stay updated!