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IML Logistics is one of the leading couriers and express logistics companies in China, providing efficient parcel delivery services. It strives to deliver professional logistics solutions both in the local and global marketplace. The courier company began operations in 2007 with only 100 employees. Currently, it has over 3,000 staff members who play a big role in promoting IML in the e-commerce trading platform in Russia and across the globe.

Its services concern parcel deliveries, warehousing, after-sales, managing returns and tracking solutions. IML promotes cross-border trades between China and Russia, as well as other global brands.

The tracking feature enables customers to know the status of their parcels. It is an effective way to foster good relations in the supply-chain industry.

How IML Logistics tracking works

IML logistics tracking feature allows customers to carry out self-tracking at any time and place. The feature is available on the company website prompting you to enter a tracking number. What is a tracking number? It is a unique identifier significant in retrieving the details of a particular parcel during the tracking process.

Before the shipping process begins, the shippers must allocate each parcel a code using a barcode machine scanner. The code is also known as a tracking ID, which is a standard 13-character number comprising of letters and digits. After payment, the sender of the parcel must locate the tracking number on the payment receipt and forward it to the recipient. You cannot monitor your package without this code. Within a few days, the data will integrate into the IML system, and customers can conveniently track their parcels. Details such as date of dispatch, delivery, transition points, and customs clearance, etc. will appear on your screen during tracking.

Independent tracking builds trust among trading partners since it encourages transparency and accountability.

International IML Logistics Tracking Solution

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