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Landmark Global

We are a tech company providing logistical and communication solutions to businesses globally. Our technological solutions work impeccably with diverse systems. With the exponential growth of E-commerce worldwide, online selling is providing endless opportunities for both traders and interested parties. Landmark Global is here to bridge the shipping gap that connects your business to the world. Apart from the postal services, we also offer international tracking of shipments. For instance, you can be able to track a parcel from USA to Canada through our parcel tracking services.

Parcel Tracking: How It Works

To use this tracking service, you need to register on our website. Each parcel is given a tracking number which can be retrieved from the postal receipts to help you to trace the status of your shipment. The tracking order is normally done on our website. Usually, the shipper sends the tracking number to the customer to enable self-tracking.
Other technological solutions that we offer are:
* International delivery of parcels and mails.
You are able to manage your shipment by monitoring and tracking each process up until delivery. Also, we guarantee our customers safe delivery of sensitive documents. Global tracking is also available to our customers.
* E-commerce
We offer online solutions to help your e-commerce business to grow. You can publish all transactions in your client’s currency hence enhances transparency and customer satisfaction.
* Fulfillment services
The international market is dynamic and competitive hence you need a different edge to succeed in your online business. Therefore, fulfillment services help you by outsourcing an inventory management system that ensures you deliver to your customers on time within your budget.
* Trade services
We have our customs team to help process your shipments efficiently across the borders hence saving transit times.
* Return management
Returns are important in the e-commerce business. We offer return processes depending on urgency and destination. This leads to satisfied customers and increase in sales.

Importance of Shipment Tracking

The e-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, you need to keep up with the emerging trends in order to stay afloat in the online business. Technological advancements have shifted the paradigm of conventional business. Hence, tracking and tracing solutions are tools that enhance business performance, lessen costs, improve processes and leave your customers satisfied and wanting more. Therefore, shipping and tracking solutions will help your business grow to the next level.