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Nova Poshta is a leading courier company based in Ukraine offering express delivery services both in the domestic market and across the globe. It began operations in 2001, aiming to create a niche in the shipping industry. Currently, it boasts of 2300 branches with 16,000 employees in the country and a reputation for efficient service delivery. It has a fleet of 2,500 transport vehicles, 2500 warehouses, and an approximate of 60 million shipments each year. The company uses modern technology to optimize logistics and improve performance.

The primary service it offers is forwarding and receiving of shipments. However, private customers enjoy storage facilities, on-time deliveries, parcel return service, readdressing, packing, money transfer, tracking solutions, among other value-added services. Business customers also have a fair share of freight warehousing, insurance, and e-commerce logistics.

Also, Nova Poshta has an efficient tracking system that offers clients a chance to be part of the shipping experience. You can know the exact location of your parcel with real-time updates in each shipping stage.

How Nova Poshta Tracking Works

Every customer who is sending or receiving a parcel needs assurance that the shipment will arrive safely. Details such as the delivery date, routing, and condition are vital during the tracking process. The Nova Poshta tracking system enables customers to self-track and retrieve the status of packages.

At the point of sale, shippers assign the packages identifiers which facilitates successful tracking. The unique code is called a tracking number or id with 13 symbols (letters and digits). It is difficult to track your parcel without this unique number. Usually, the sender notifies the recipient of the code together with details of the consignment. The tracking tool retrieves information such as delivery cost, time of arrival, nearest branch, work schedule, and pick up point.

You can activate the automatic tracking feature to receive status alerts whenever there is a concern about the parcel. Tracking fosters reliable connections between traders both locally and across the globe.

It also has a reliable customer support system in multiple languages to assist users from different countries.

Nova Poshta International Tracking

The growth of the e-commerce industry globally is continuously increasing the demand for global tracking solutions. Efficient tracking tools drive sales because customers are confident that they will receive their consignments according to the agreed time and place. Also, it encourages accountability in the supply chain industry. is a significant player in the shipping industry since we provide modern tracking solutions. We are a trusted tracking company with links across the globe to help us satisfy clients and give them a remarkable shipping experience. Some of the courier companies in our portfolio are Aliexpress Shipping, Australia Post, UPS, among other popular postal corporations.

Register an account with and access the tracking tools with ease and convenience. No matter where you are, we can serve you as long as you have a stable Internet connection and PC. Track your shipment with us and get real-time updates during the entire shipping process. We offer the best tracking solutions.