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Post Serbia has a long history that dates back to 179 years ago. The need for its establishment arose when its soldiers needed to relay messages safely and quickly especially during the Turkish rule. It was also intended to foster easier communication between Serbia’s capital and other provincial centers. The transmission process started on horse backs, then went on to couriers, stagecoaches, railway, carts, steamboats, and finally, aero planes.

The corporation’s mission is to develop and provide high-quality and widely available postal, financial, information, and communication services. It seeks to do this through economically self-sustainable and internally and externally responsible activities. Moreover, Post Serbia seeks to be a corporately responsible and economically efficient company. It also aims to develop technically and technically, hence, become the market leader in domestic postal, financial, information, and communication matters.

Post Serbia has over 2,250 access points and close to 3,600 delivery regions. It also covers all 88,000 square kilometers of the country’s territory, thereby, connecting it effectively to the rest of the world. The national postal provider has 15,000 dedicated employees. It seeks to maintain its tradition across the Serbian public by integrating information technology, enhancing its mail sorting capacity, connecting all postal locations, and providing new opportunities to accelerate business. The corporation serves the Serbian population through the following local and international services:

  • Ordinary mail sending and delivery;
  • Registered mail sending and delivery;
  • Parcel sending and delivery;
  • Stamps issuance.

Post Serbia Tracking: How Does It Work?

Post Serbia tracking has been at the heart of many mail and parcel recipients for many years. The reason is it’s necessary for an addressee to know the status of their incoming packages even as they wait for it peacefully. However, it has not been easy for people to do this in past generations due to technological limitations.

However, the rise of information technology and its integration in goods shipment have changed how people wait for their cargo. People can use simple smartphones and an Internet connection to track their packages. This process is easy since you only need to use the post mail tracking code. You receive this special 13-digit/letter code from your items’ shipping confirmation document. Also, you can get this vital information from the online shop you bought from. You will need to head to the “My Orders” section. Moreover, you can find it on our tracking site by entering your cargo’s ID and our system will supply you with all the details you need about your package’s carrier.

You can also use to track your shipment. Just provide the system with the tracking code and wait a bit to have your parcel located. The system will search, define your postal service, and track your items regardless of whether they’re being shipped by UK Mail, Australia Post, EMS, or any other carrier. You will have to give it a few seconds to complete the process.

Tracking your items should not sentence you to worry. The reason is you can use our tracking website to know your items’ status while you enjoy peace of mind. Try it today.