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ABOUT Yemen Post

Yemen Post, officially known as the General Corporation for Post and Postal Savings, serves as the national postal service for Yemen. With a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century, Yemen Post has evolved to become an integral part of the country's communication infrastructure. It offers a range of postal, financial, and logistical services to meet the needs of its citizens and businesses alike. Despite challenges, Yemen Post remains committed to facilitating communication and commerce within Yemen and with the international community.

Tracking Yemen Post packages online

Tracking packages sent through Yemen Post is straightforward and convenient. Customers can use the Yemen Post tracking services by entering their unique tracking number on Yemen Post’s official website or through global tracking platforms like These tools provide detailed information about the current status and location of shipments, ensuring recipients and senders can stay informed throughout the delivery process.

Yemen Post tracking number format

The tracking number format for Yemen Post typically consists of a series of letters and numbers. It often begins with two alphabets, followed by nine numeric characters, and ends with 'YE' (e.g., EE123456789YE). This format is standardized to align with international postal tracking systems, making it easier to track cross-border shipments.

Yemen Post delivery times

Delivery times for Yemen Post can vary significantly depending on the destination and the current operational conditions. Domestically, mail and parcels are usually delivered within a few days to a week. For international shipments, the delivery time can extend from a couple of weeks to a month, influenced by factors such as customs clearance and transit arrangements with other postal operators.

Yemen Post shipping prices

Shipping costs with Yemen Post are designed to be economical and are calculated based on the weight of the parcel and the distance it needs to travel. Yemen Post strives to keep prices affordable for both domestic and international shipping, ensuring accessibility for all users. Detailed pricing information can be requested from local post offices or viewed on the Yemen Post website.

Contact Yemen Post

For any inquiries or assistance related to mail and parcel services, Yemen Post’s customer service team can be contacted directly through the information provided on their website. They offer support via telephone and email, committed to helping customers with any questions or concerns regarding their postal and logistic needs.

While Yemen Post provides essential tracking services, using a platform like can significantly enhance your tracking experience by aggregating all your postal and parcel tracking needs in one place. This is especially useful for customers who frequently deal with international shipments or require a more robust tracking system to manage multiple parcels.