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SFC Holdings Co. Ltd

SFC is a leading shipment company based in China which began operations in 2001. It has seven branches in China, two in India and one in Canada. With vast experience in the shipping industry, SFC prides itself in having dedicated employees who have retained a clientele base in over 200 countries all over the world. The shipper is a leader in the market dealing mostly with clients involved in the international cross-border e-commerce industry.

With the rapid growth of online businesses, it is imperative for clients using shipment services to feel safe. Thus, SFC claims its primary objective to be ensuring that the guarantees of safe delivery of each order. Technology has played a significant role in enabling postal service tracking where everyone can track their order at any time. SFC acts as a bridge that connects suppliers, buyers, and sellers in a unique SFC ecosystem incorporated with automated machines. The company offers international package tracking to customers with a sole objective of providing efficiency, accuracy and timely delivery.

SFC Shipping tracking: How it works

At the point of sale, each parcel is given a unique track order number which is also known as an SFC tracking number. This number is important in post tracking since it identifies your shipment during tracking and tracing. At the bottom of the SFC site, there is a prompt to enter the tracking number which will help you to track any package.

Advantages of SFC

  • SFC parcel tracking

The company offers independent international tracking of parcels across the globe.

  • Website integration

E-commerce businesses can integrate their website with SFC for convenience to help lessen the shipping processes.

  • SFC ecosystem

Sellers can stock their products in the SFC warehouse before they ship the goods to their clients.

  • Fast shipping

With SFC express tracking, the carrier provides flexible and timely shipping solutions with the help of technological advances.

SFC International Tracking Solutions

With the upsurge of e-commerce trade globally, there is a need for improved shipment solutions such as the track and trace feature. Pkge.net offers independent tracking services to clients through reliable associations with various postal services across the globe. It is not only an efficient but also a very safe way to track your order at any time in any part of the world. The world is rapidly recording an increase of online shoppers, and it is imperative that they receive their goods in a perfect condition and on time. Pkge.net ensures that your parcel arrives by offering reliable tracking solutions. With this feature, you can track and trace your shipment from the time it is dispatched to the delivery time. All you need to do is register at our site and follow the prompts. After that, you can easily login and track your order by entering a tracking number.

Our primary objective is to help our clients track their parcels independently by offering efficient tracking solutions. Therefore, online e-commerce businesses can now grow confidently since they can trust us to provide accurate and timely data about each parcel.