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Slovakia Post is Slovakia’s national postal services provider. The company serves the public nationally and internationally. Below are some of the services it offers:

  • The sending and delivery of ordinary letters.
  • Sending and delivering registered and insured letters.
  • Sending and delivering insured letters to compensate for failed delivery or damage.
  • Parcel sending and delivery.
  • Express services for letters and parcels that need urgent delivery straight to the doors of their recipients.
  • Express courier 60 for delivering local parcels that need to arrive within an hour.
  • Express courier for those sending goods, documents, and other items that need to arrive the following day within Slovakia.
  • Quick and safe financial services.
  • Postal money order to account allows users to send cash to a bank account of a target addressee.
  • Postal money order to address lets customers send money locally to an address where the recipient receives the cash.
  • Slovakia Post also offers Western Union money services.
  • Government services in more than 100 towns across the republic.
  • E-revenue stamp payment system allows for the payment of administrative and judicial fees via electronic revenue stamps.
  • Advertising services that allow for targeted advertising to reach different targets. They include the use of leaflets. Also, advertisers can use the corporation’s ePoPS system that serves customers. using advertising spots on plasma screens at designated post offices.

Slovakia Post Tracking: How Does It Work?

So, how can you know the status of your incoming order to avoid worry? You can do so using Slovakia Post Tracking solutions. The process is simple because modern technology has eased everything, giving you the power on your fingertips to track your orders. To track your order, you can follow the following simple steps and succeed.

You need to get the tracking code for your order before starting the tracking process. So, where can you get it? You can find this number from the shipping confirmation document your parcel’s sender provides you. Alternatively, you can get the special code from your vendor’s website. To do this, you will have to log into the “My Orders” section. Alternatively, you can ask the seller directly to send you the number. This number applies to local and international shipments. If you are expecting a local shipment, your code will have 13 digits while an international one will feature a mix of 13 numbers and letters.

After getting the code, head straight to our Slovakia Post Tracking website. There, you will log into a special display window. In that window, you will need to key in your tracking number for the process to commence. The tracking system of will need just a few seconds to search for your order’s status while you wait. It’s that simple and fast!

Who said that tracking your incoming local or international orders should sentence you to lose your peace of mind? With our tracking website, you can sit back and relax as you wait for your order to land at your preferred postal address. Try our solution today for any postal carrier’s tracking, including UPS, FedEx, EMS, Australia Post, and the rest.