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About Spoton logistics

Spoton Logistics, a leading courier and parcel delivery service in India, was founded after a private company bought out TNT India in 2012. It has since expanded its services, becoming known as a large-scale logistics solutions company. Spoton employs over 1600 people and operates more than 250 offices throughout India. Known for its comprehensive range of logistics services, including express delivery, freight forwarding, and supply chain management, Spoton has established itself as one of the largest logistics companies in the country.

Where is Spoton located?

Spoton Logistics is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in North, South, East, and West of India, including New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Its network covering over 350 locations across the country. This extensive network ensures efficient and speedy delivery services, reaching more than 20,000 pin codes in India.

What is Spoton logistics and parcel delivery?

Spoton Logistics offers a range of services, including rapid parcel delivery by road and air. The company operates an asset-light business framework, focusing on technology and operations. Spoton serves various industries, including automotive, pharma, engineering, tech, electronics, lifestyle, and retail.

What services does Spoton logistics provide?

Spoton offers a range of services, including express parcel delivery by road and air, technology-driven operations, 24-hour customer service, and specialized business account management. The company's focus on technology and operations has positioned it as a preferred choice for logistics solutions.

Spoton Tracking

Tracking a Spoton parcel can be done through the Spoton website, official mobile app, or third-party platforms like PKGE.NET. Each method provides real-time updates and detailed information about the package's journey.

Via Spoton official delivery website

Customers can track their Spoton parcel on the official website by entering the consignment tracking ID. This service is predominantly used for tracking single parcels domestically.

Via official mobile app

Spoton's official mobile app offers convenient tracking options for customers on the go. Users can enter their tracking ID to receive updates directly on their mobile devices.


For a one-stop tracking solution, customers can use PKGE.NET to track their Spoton parcels. This platform offers tracking for various couriers and is ideal for parcels handled by multiple delivery services.

What does a Spoton tracking number look like?

Spoton tracking numbers typically consist of 9 numeric digits, unique to each parcel. This number is crucial for tracking the package's location and status.

How long does it take for Spoton to deliver?

Spoton's average delivery times are usually 2 to 3 days, depending on the mode of transport and service chosen. Air transportation is quicker but more expensive, while road delivery is more economical but may take longer.

Does Spoton provide worldwide tracking?

While Spoton specializes in domestic deliveries within India, PKGE's universal tracking tool allows for global tracking of Spoton parcels, especially useful for international shipments handled by multiple couriers.

Does Spoton offer air delivery services?

Spoton offers both road and air delivery services within India, catering to urgent and high-value shipments, as well as deliveries to remote locations.

How much does Spoton package delivery cost?

Spoton's delivery costs vary based on package dimensions, weight, origin, destination, urgency of delivery, and mode of transport. Customers can get a pricing estimate on Spoton's website.

What Does My Spoton Logistics PVT Status Mean?

Spoton Logistics PVT/Delhivery provides clear tracking statuses to keep you informed about your shipment's progress. These terms help you track your package's movement through various stages of the delivery process.



Tracking number created 

A tracking number has been assigned to your shipment and you can now track its progress online.

Package arrived

Your package has arrived at the shipping carrier's facility. 

Package received 

Your package has been received by the shipping carrier.

Picked up

The package has been picked up by the shipping carrier and is on its way to your destination.

In transit

The package is currently in transit and moving toward your destination.

Shipment left facility

The package has left the shipping carrier's facility and is on its way to the next stop in its journey.

Out for delivery 

The package has been delivered to the shipping carrier's local facility and is scheduled to be delivered to you today.

Delivery attempted 

The shipping carrier has attempted to deliver your package but was unsuccessful 


The package has been delivered to you.


Your package was unable to be delivered and has been returned to the sender

In transit for return

Your package is currently in transit back to the sender


Your package has been returned to the sender.


Your package has been lost in transit and cannot be located.

Shipment will delay 

There is a delay in the shipment of your package

How can I contact Spoton logistics?

Customers can contact Spoton Logistics at their toll-free number +918069856101 or through their official website for inquiries, tracking assistance, or to request a consignment tracking number. Additionally, Delhivery, as the parent company, offers various avenues of communication to ensure customer concerns are catered to at any time of the day.