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ABOUT Wish Global

Wish Global is part of the broader Wish e-commerce platform, which connects buyers directly to sellers worldwide, offering a vast array of products at highly competitive prices. Known for its wide selection of consumer goods ranging from electronics to fashion and home decor, Wish Global has revolutionized the shopping experience with its unique business model. It leverages an extensive network of global suppliers to deliver an eclectic mix of products to millions of customers across the globe.

Where does Wish Global ship from?

Wish Global ships from various international warehouses and direct from manufacturers primarily located in China and other parts of Asia. This global sourcing and shipping strategy allows Wish to offer a diverse inventory at lower prices, though it also influences shipping times and logistics.

How to track Wish Global packages online?

Tracking packages from Wish Global is straightforward. Upon purchasing, each customer receives a Wish Global tracking number that can be used to monitor the package's journey. This number can be entered on tracking websites like PKGE.net, which provides detailed and up-to-date tracking information. Additionally, the Wish mobile app and website also offer built-in tracking features for all your orders.

What are Wish Global tracking notifications?

Wish Global tracking notifications are alerts sent to customers to keep them updated about the status of their shipments. These notifications include various stages of the delivery process, such as when the package is dispatched, in transit, or delivered. Customers can opt to receive these notifications via email, SMS, or directly through the Wish app.

Wish Global delivery times

Delivery times for Wish Global can vary significantly depending on the origin of the shipment and the destination. Typically, orders may take anywhere from 15 to 45 days to arrive, although delivery times can be affected by factors such as customs delays, logistics restrictions, or the specific location of the buyer.

Why hasn't my Wish Global tracking not been updated?

Tracking updates may occasionally experience delays due to various reasons, including logistical challenges, lack of scanning by postal services, or customs hold-ups. If your tracking information hasn't been updated for an extended period, it is advisable to contact Wish Global customer support for assistance.

Can I request a refund?

Yes, if your order has not arrived within the delivery promise time, or if it arrives in unsatisfactory condition, you may request a refund from Wish. The refund process is typically straightforward, with guidelines available on the Wish website to help customers initiate and complete the process.

Can I return Wish Global orders?

Wish Global allows returns on certain eligible items. Customers wishing to return their orders can do so by following the return instructions provided on the Wish platform. It is important to check the return policy specific to each item, as some items may not be eligible for returns due to their nature or price.

Contact Wish Global

For more information, assistance with orders, or any other inquiries, Wish Global’s customer service can be reached via their help center on the Wish website. They offer support in various languages and are equipped to help resolve issues related to orders, tracking, refunds, and more.

While tracking directly through Wish's own system is effective, using a service like PKGE.net can provide a more integrated and user-friendly tracking experience. PKGE.net consolidates tracking information from multiple e-commerce sites and couriers, including Wish Global, into a single platform. This service is particularly beneficial for users who order from multiple online retailers and require a comprehensive view of all their ongoing shipments.