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About Blue Dart

Blue Dart is India’s notable courier and consignment delivery service provider, serving 35,000+ Indian locations. This company is a part of the DPDHL Group and has a global presence. The company covers 220 countries and global territories with its diverse services.It has been featured in Fortune 500 and Forbes India’s Super 50 companies.

For India and multiple other countries, Blue Dart could be your perfect and cost-convenient.

How to track a Blue Dart package?

Blue Dart package tracking facility is available for 90 days from the date of shipment. It can be done in a few simple ways.

1. Use an online tracker

  • use the search bar at the top of this page;
  • enter the Blue Dart tracking number (tracking code, or ID number) in the search bar, without including any dashes or spaces;
  • click on the Search button;
  • view the history and status information of your package.

2. Use Blue Dart web-based tool

For tracking shipments sent within India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Use TrackDart, a web-based Bluedart tracker. Single or multiple waybills can be tracked using this tool.

What does the Blue Dart track number look like?

Bluedart tracking number is 8-10 numbers long and has a unique combination, e.g. 999999999. The 9-digit format is generally used for the packages, while 8 and 10-digit format (same as VRL) is used for several uncommon types of deliveries.

Where Do I Find My Blue Dart Tracking Number?

Just as in your Speed Post receipt, it must be mentioned on the top right side of the recipient. For easy spotting, look at it below the barcode mentioned on your receipt.

How to track the Bluedart package without a tracking number?

Bluedart tracking status can be figure-out with the Blue Dart tracking number. If the estimated date of delivery has passed, call the recipient and ask whether or not the courier is delivered. If you have lost the tracking number or waybill number, it is tough to find a package online or find the blue dart courier status. You can also contact Blue Dart Support for more information.

Why can't I track my Bluedart package?

Blue Dart tracking is available only after the seller has shipped the courier or product. If you will try finding the Bluedart courier before it, failure is a sure thing. A few common reasons for not able to do courier tracking are entering wrong details or using order ID instead of Blue Dart tracking ID.

How long does it take for Blue Dart to deliver a package?

The delivery time of a Bluedart courier or parcel depends on the distance of the receiver and sender places and working days. Within India, a Bluedart order can take anywhere between 2-15 days to get delivered, takes for logistics delivery. For international shipments, the time duration is highly flexible. For accurate delivery information, you can use Blue Dart tracking online service.

What time does Blue Dart delivery happen?

Bluedart delivers the whole week. Customers can send parcels all seven days of the week during working hours. Only on national holidays, its service is not available. If you have any doubts about the working hours or days, call on Bluedart customer care number, and they will provide the details.

What are Blue Dart services?

Bluedart offers a wide range of services to cater to multiple needs. Here are the details of its key services:

Domestic Priority

Particularly designed to cater to the need of time-critical businesses, domestic priority service is available across India and comes with real-time Blue Dart AWB tracking.

Dart Apex

An ideal smart commercial solution for every business, Dart Apex is a door-to-door and day-definite delivery service in India. For Aliexpress delivery and similar requirements, you may consider this option.

Dart Surface line

This courier service is available in 35,000+ Indian locations and can be used for door-to-door delivery of consignments below 10Kg.

Dart Plus

It is a cost-effective speed trucking solution, suitable for time-sensitive couriers. It comes with easy payment options. You may read more about the Dart Plus here.

Smart Box

Other than offering you reliable courier and shipping services, Bluedart offers smart and cost-effective solutions, known as Smart Box. They come in 10Kg and 25 kg sizes and can accommodate a variety of goods.

Express Pallet

Bluedart Express Pallet is a convenient way to courier goods within India with extra safety. Under this Bluedart courier service, the articles are packed in a special and robust wood-free packaging. It’s a customized solution.


This is a type of air freight service available at a selected Indian location. For the airport-to-airport facility, the company uses B757 aircraft and can accomplish same-day delivery even at distant locations.

International Services

Bluedart can help you deliver the documents and packages at international destinations with utmost safety and assurance. Under the international Bluedart courier facility, 220 countries and territories are covered.

What is Location Finder Bluedart?

If you are wondering which Blue Dart is near me then use a Location Finder. Location Finder of Bluedart is an online tool helping customers to spot the pick-up and delivery location around them. Using this tool, one can easily find out the availability of Bluedart courier service in a particular area.

What is Transit Time & Price Finder Bluedart?

The Transit Time and Price Finder of Bluedart help customers to get a rough idea of how much time delivery goods or courier of a certain weight to a specific location will take. It is not a real-time Bluedart tracker but can be used for gaining insights into delivery.

What are the ​​prohibited items on Blue Dart?

Bluedart has restricted the delivery of certain goods and products as per the Bureau Civil Aviation Security and Regulatory Requirements of the State. The list is extensive and is available on the website.

Some of the banned items are drugs, currency, pornography, fireworks, radioactive materials, precious and semi-precious articles, dry ice, and many others.

How to contact Blue Dart?

Bluedart has a centralized customer support system. Blue Dart customer care 24/7 service is available. Besides this, one can write to them at Their contact numbers are 1860 233 1234 / 022 6260 1234 / 044 6634 4600.

There is a 24-hour contact center as well. If you want to contact a particular office, the details are mentioned on the website.