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About VRL Logistics

VRL Logistics is India’s leading transportation and logistics service provider with a nationwide presence. Founded in 1975, it has gained an immense market presence since its inception. Presently, VRL services are available in 22 states & 5 Union Territories.

The company owns 362 passenger transport vehicles and 4473 goods transport vehicles. It has been featured in Limca Books of World Records because of its huge fleet of owned vehicles. It has been also rewarded to have the largest newspaper circulation within Karnataka.

How to Track A VRL Package?

It can be done in three ways:

Way 1 — Track using the Logistic Tracking Number

  • use the search bar at the top of this page;
  • enter the VRL tracking number (tracking code, or ID number) in the search bar, without including any dashes or spaces;
  • click on the Search button;
  • view the history and status information of your package.

Way 2 — Search via Logistic consignment number

For reliable VRL Logistic tracking, use the consignment number, enter it on the search bar present on this page and hit “Enter”. The whole needed details will be out.

Way 3 — Use Waybill Number for VRL courier tracking

You can use your waybill number for online searching. Enter it in the top left side of this page and press “Enter”. A detailed report of the consignor and consignee will show up.

What Does a VRL Track Number Look Like?

It is usually a 10-digit code with a barcode above it. A few possible examples of VRL Tracking numbers could be: 1055999344, 1088888888, 1344442222, etc.

Where Do I Find My VRL Tracking Number?

On sending your consignment through VRL, they give you a confirmation slip, i.e. receipt. It has all important details regarding the shipment. The tracking number is present in the top right corner of the receipt.

How to Track VRL Package without a Tracking Number?

In absence of a Logistic tracking number, the ideal way to look for your packages is to use a waybill for tracking. This can also be used to fetch the package details. If you don’t have any of these, it will not be possible to find details related to the package online.

Why Can't I Track My VRL Package?

You will not be able to fetch the desired details if you’re tracking too early. Usually, the VRL Logistics tracking is available once the shipment has been shipped. Tracking it before that will be of use. Customers receive an email or text once the courier has been shipped. Hence, we suggest you do online tracking after that only.

Some potential reasons for failed parcel tracking could be:

  • Entering the wrong tracking number
  • Using the wrong website instead of the official website / reliable tracker
  • Using order number for searching
  • The seller hasn’t updated the details

How long does it take For VRL to Deliver Package?

The delivery time is highly variable and depends on multiple factors like the distance between sender and receiver, the number of working days, mode of shipment, and item shipped.

For instance a package between Delhi to Gurgaon will take a day while a package shipped from Delhi will take 4-5 business days to reach Bengaluru. Also, if you have air shipped the package, delivery will be quick. If faster delivery is your priority, you may make a move with DTDC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, Gati, or Speed Post EMS instead.

At What Time Does VRL Deliver?

The Logistic delivery service is available from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM during all the working days. However, you won’t be able to avail of their services on national and state holidays. The time of delivery can be tracked online using the online facility.

Which All Logistic Services VRL Logistics Offer?

The organization offers a wide range of services to Indian customers. Some of its key services are:

General Parcel & VRL Priority

General parcel delivery and transportation is the core service that VRL Logistic offers to the Indian market. They can be hired for parcel delivery at the PAN India level.

The company has an extensive nationwide network for this service and has a track record of timely delivery. The door-to-door pick-up, load tracking, and collection are the activities covered in this service. However, for the better pick-up facilities, you may consider Professional Couriers too

Courier Service Business

You can hire VRL Logistics for sending sensitive documents within Karnataka. Many leading Karnataka states are covered under this service. At present, 109 cities and towns of Karnataka are covered in this service. This service doesn’t cover the mail and letters.

Full Truckload Service

For hassle-free delivery of goods from one destination to another, VRL Logistics offers a full truckload service. They will load the goods from the sender’s location and deliver them to the receiver’s location with full perfection.

Goods Delivery

VRL Logistic can help you deliver the goods of your choice at the destination. Some of the deliverable goods are cars, fuel, molasses, tankers of liquid, and the like.

How to contact VRL?

Regarding all your queries and concerns, VRL has a dedicated customer care support system. On their website, one can find out the complete contact details of all the branches. Find out your concerned branch, grab the contact details, and initiate a conversation. Its customer support system is responsive.

Besides this, they do have a centralized customer support system for logistic service which is available from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM IST. One can reach this department at 0836–2307800 or can write on customercare@vrllogistic.com.