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Colissimo tracking

Colissimo is a French carrier most well-known for its postal service – La Poste. This popular European company offers two different ways of delivery: a standard Colissimo service or express shipping with Chronopost.

Colissimo provides various postal solutions for your national and international shipments. It also delivers packages to French Overseas Territories. Colissimo has different offers for any kind of delivery. The prices vary in terms of speed, security, and extras needed. This method of shipment is used for parcels that do not exceed 30 kg in weight and 2 meters in length/height.

The variety of services will satisfy every customer. Here you will find everything from Colissimo delivery tracking to on-demand collection.

Colissimo services

Colissimo provides a wide range of services for different categories of clients. Since 2016 most of the solutions go with modern tools to make the whole process of delivery and Colissimo tracking effective. Сolissimo can boast of a huge number of pick-up points situated all over the country. Apart from traditional postal services, Colissimo offers:

  • Collection service on demand. This is a unique time-saver which allows the client to stay away from the post offices.
  • Re-delivery. Colissimo adapts to its customers by offering the possibility of another delivery date when the client is absent.
  • Returns from your mailbox. This service is applied exclusively to clients in France. You have a unique opportunity to return packages directly from your mailbox.
  • Colissimo Pass for e-buyers. This is a delivery subscription which allows the customers to receive free deliveries.

As for the international shipments, Colissimo is now ready to deliver parcels to 235 countries worldwide, including convenient solutions to ship to the Chinese market.

Carbon-neutral delivery is one more outstanding feature of Colissimo. The company does everything possible to provide more environmentally friendly solutions to the customers. For example, the company uses recyclable materials and eco-friendly vehicles. Moreover, it offsets the greenhouse gas emissions.

Colissimo tracking service

When you ship a parcel with this postal company, you get a unique Colissimo tracking number to follow all the movements of your package online.

First of all, you can use the ColiShip tool – a business tracking interface. This tool is a part of the Colissimo box which offers its customers to manage their packages easily in one place. The interface works with various devices and gives timely updates. Colissimo online tracking will be very convenient if you are a regular registered customer.

Another way to find out details about your parcel is to use the Colissimo tracking website. To do this, go to the official La Poste website and enter your Colissimo tracking code.

Colissimo Tracking with

If you are not a frequent Colissimo user and you have packages from other companies, it will be convenient to track all of them on one website. Use to follow the details of all the parcels you are waiting for. As far as Colissimo international tracking number may change when passing through the border, it also will be easier to track it on The old tracking ID will be recognized, and information will be adjusted automatically.