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Mongol Post is a leading postal corporation that was wholly owned by the government since its inception in 1994 until 2016 when 34% of shares were sold to the public. Its main aim is to provide postal services to the Mongolian residents and also to the international market. Currently, it has 900 employees in 21 provinces in Mongolia operating in over 200 countries globally.

Its primary services are mail and parcel deliveries, express mail, and freight forwarding, while its logistics services include packaging, GPS tracking, and other postal tracking services. The Mongol Post values the needs of individual customers by offering valuable and reliable services.

The tracking system is in place to ensure smooth services in terms of safety and on-time deliveries.

How Mongol Post tracking works

Parcel tracking is paramount for the success of most e-commerce trade since it encourages transparency and integrity in the supply-chain industry. Customers can know the precise location and status of their parcels during the entire shipping process.

For a successful tracking process to occur, you need a tracking number. It is a unique identifier that shippers must assign to each package before dispatch. Knowing this code is essential during the tracking process since it is the only link to the package retrievable from the system. Usually, the sender has to notify the recipient of the shipping details from the payment receipt since it has the tracking id.

You need a PC and Internet access to perform self-tracking within the confines of your home or office. An auto-track option is available for the customers who are too busy to monitor their parcels. The system will send regular updates to your e-mail or SMS notifications to inform you if there is any status change, such as customs clearance, checkpoints, or reroutes.

Mongol Post tracking is accessible on the official website as ‘delivery location checking.’ It reduces shipping risks such as parcel loss, damages and wrong parcel destinations.

International Mongol Post Tracking Solution

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