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Tracking of Parcels

It is essential for online sellers to be accountable for each shipment sent to their customers. They should not only be delivered on time but also be accurate and in good condition. Pakistan post offers various other services apart from its core business of postal services. You can access online tracking of shipments on our website by tracking and tracing your packages from receipt up to delivery. We also provide international tracking of parcels that are booked from Pakistan.

How to Track and trace the Parcel

Pakistan offers two ways of tracking a parcel:
* Domestic tracking
This applies to shipments within Pakistan. On our site’s tracking system, you are prompted to enter a tracking ID. This is also known as a tracking number or a tracking code. You are required to input the tracking no. and press search.
* International tracking
In the international tracking page, their tracking system is directly linked to the services of other postal corporations. For instance, if your package is being shipped from Pakistan to the USA, the page automatically links you to the USA post where you can be able to track and trace your shipment. When you are directed to the page, key in your tracking number and search for your parcel.
With this tracking service, you can be able to monitor and track the location of your parcel. Register on our website and take advantage of the free tracking and tracing tool. As long as you have Internet access, you can track your shipment any time you wish to.

Benefits of Tracking Shipments

With the technology of self-tracking at your disposal, you have insights on shipment costs, transport logistics, and e-commerce trends. The following are some benefits of shipment tracking:
* Saves money
When you oversee the shipment process, you pay for what you see. You are able to make changes effectively to meet your cost.
* Improves performance
Customers can monitor the order of each shipment through each process. Therefore, they are able to know in case of freight delays. Shipment companies are constantly trying to upgrade their systems to improve tracking performance.
* Enhances client experience
In business, shipment tracking is crucial to the client’s shopping experience. The shopper needs assurance that what they paid for will be accurately delivered on time. In case of any shipment changes in status or delivery, the shipper can notify the client
* Reduces delays
Track and trace features in shipment companies help to reduce delays in deliveries. The client can be able to file a complaint during any process of shipment.