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Philippines Post is a state-owned postal corporation based in the Philippines providing mail and parcel delivery service. It was founded in 1837 by the Government to offer mail and parcel deliveries throughout the country. Currently, the company has 8,000 employees with over 1,355 office posts across the nation.

Its core functions include delivering letters and parcels through express mail services both in the domestic and international market. Other mail services are collect on delivery (COD), fax mail, and direct mail. Philippines Post also offers logistics solutions such as packaging, crating, freight forwarding, door-to-door transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. It also provides financial services like wire transfer, postal, and bill payments. If you are a stamp collector, you can access new stamp releases on the company website.

Philippines Post has a compelling track and trace tool for customers to monitor their shipments with ease and convenience.

How Philippines Post Tracking Works

Philippines Post tracking system offers efficient monitoring of parcels via the company website. Customers can track packages and know the current status with one click. At the dispatch point, the cargo handlers ensure that each parcel has a unique identifier through a scanning process. The shipments must have a Philippines Post tracking number before drafting of the shipping documentation to capture all the critical details. This ID is a requirement during the tracking process, and without it, parcel monitoring is impossible. Thus, individuals or business owners should notify the recipients of the parcel number to enable independent tracking.

The Philippines Post tracking tool allows up to 30 tracking numbers at a go. It has a multi-tracking portal that displays the parcel information classified under ‘All, transit, delivered and not found.’ If you want automatic alerts, activate the auto-track feature for regular parcel updates.

Philippines Post International Tracking

Cross-border trading has a direct impact on carrier companies because of the demand for delivery services. The global marketplace is growing as more businesses are in the e-commerce platform. Thus, online shoppers need a sustainable tracking solution to keep them informed during the shipping process. Will the goods arrive on time, and in good condition? Are they held in a checkpoint because of customs clearance? To answer these critical questions, visit, and experience the best tracking solutions. We are a trusted company with years of experience in the shipping industry providing tracking services across the globe. Apart from Philippines Post, we have strong partnerships with leading postal corporations such as USPS, UK Mail, FedEx, Brazil Post, EMS, among other reliable carriers.

Regardless of location, you can conveniently track your package via Open an account on our official website by filling in your email address and password, and you are good to go. It is a simple process that takes a few minutes to complete. Enter the tracking code and wait for the system to search and retrieve your parcel details. Track your package with us and get a fulfilling shipping experience right to your doorstep.