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Seur, a leading Spanish transport company and a subsidiary of the French group GeoPost, specializes in logistics and delivery services. Founded in 1942 by Justo Yufera Cerdan, Seur has expanded across the Iberian Peninsula and into international distribution networks, offering innovative express services and becoming a market leader in Spain in e-commerce, B2B, and international transport sectors.

How can I check the status of a SEUR shipment?

To check the status of a Seur shipment, enter the tracking number on Seur's tracking page or use a universal tracking platform like PKGE. SEUR tracking is easy with PKGE, because the platform provides real-time updates on the shipment's status and location.

SEUR Tracking Statuses

While tracking Seur, you can see different tracking statuses that could help you understand where your package is.

Here are different SEUR states:

  • La dirección de entrega esta incompleta o errónea
  • Registered – pending to drop off at seur pickup store
  • Enter the recipient's postal code to track with SEUR
  • El destino está cerrado por vacaciones. pendente de aportar una solución.
  • En gestion seur
  • Delivered
  • Picked up by the delivery man
  • En reparto
  • Aportar solución - La dirección de entrega esta incompleta o errónea
  • Parcel to be received by seur
  • Provide solution – Address not correct
  • Available to pick up at the store
  • Registered
  • Devolucion en curso
  • Provide solution – Address not correctContact Us
  • Aportar solución – El destino está cerrado por vacaciones. pendente de aportar una solución.
  • Entregado
  • Received by the pickup store
  • Waiting on a new delivery date
  • Managing your shipment
  • Out for delivery
  • Datos de envio rectificados
  • En gestion aduanera
  • Disponible para recoger en tienda
  • Delivery data rectified
  • Envío recepcionado por seur
  • Provide solution – Consignee not located after new delivery attempt
  • Envío notificado a seur
  • Provide solution – Consignee not located after new delivery attemptContact Us
  • Llegada a delegacion de destino
  • Notified shipping to seur
  • Receiver absent on the 1st delivery attempt
  • Realizada
  • The receiver is on holidays
  • Registrada
  • Provide solution – Rejected by the consignee. return scheduled
  • Provide solution – The consignee is absent or closed on the delivery attempt. Look forward to providing a solution. Contact Us
  • En camino
  • Envío no recibido aún por seur
  • Aportar solución – La dirección de entrega esta incompleta o errónea Contacta
  • In progress
  • Recogido por el repartidor
  • Pendiente acordar nueva fecha de entrega
  • Inbound scan
  • Aportar solución – No podemos acceder a la dirección de destino. Pendiente aportar una solución.
  • Address not correct
  • Realized
  • Contacts with seur
  • Processing
  • New delivery scheduled
  • Consignee not located
  • Establecido nuevo reparto
  • Cancelled
  • Disponible para recoger en locker
    SEUR LOCKER CAPRABO PINEDA DE MAR. Pza Espanya 7, 08397, Pineda de mar
  • Destinario ausente o cerrado en el intento de entrega. Pendiente aportar una solución.
  • D'entrer le code postal du destinataire à suivre avec SEUR
  • Delayed. Accident / transport vehicle breakdown
  • Provide solution - Receiver absent on the 1st delivery attempt
  • Destinatario ausente en el intento de entrega
  • Annulled

Can I authorize someone else to receive my shipment?

Yes, the consignee of a Seur shipment can authorize another person to receive it. The authorized person must present a written authorization signed by the recipient along with a photocopy of the recipient's ID.

How long does it take for Seur to deliver?

Seur's delivery times vary based on the service chosen and destination. They offer services like Seur 24, Seur 10, Seur 13.30, and Shop 2 Shop, each with different delivery timeframes.

Does Seur deliver on Saturdays?

Seur offers delivery services on Saturdays, subject to the specific service terms and the destination of the shipment.

How much does it cost to ship with Seur?

Seur's shipping costs depend on factors such as the size and weight of the package, destination, and chosen service. They provide competitive rates for both domestic and international shipping.

When tracking my order, I was asked to contact SEUR. Why did this happen?

This situation may occur if Seur requires additional information or clarification about your shipment. It could also happen if the shipment cannot be tracked without more details.

Can I have contact with the driver or the delivery man?

Seur couriers do not manage deliveries over the phone. However, Seur notifies customers via SMS or email about the delivery date and time range. Changes can be made following the instructions provided in the communication.

What is the Notice of Absence?

The Notice of Absence is sent by Seur when the courier cannot contact the recipient. It includes a notification via SMS, email, or physical note, indicating the reason for non-delivery and options to manage new delivery arrangements.

Contact Seur

For inquiries or assistance, you can contact Seur through their official website or directly at their customer service center. They provide support for tracking, shipping queries, and other related services.