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We are a logistics company incorporating Information technology to offer solutions in the supply-chain business. Our services integrate with the e-commerce industry to offer cross-border shipment solutions such as parcel tracking. It is important for shoppers to experience a wholesome shopping experience from online stores to enhance accountability and transparency between businesses and customers. Therefore, Winit aims to provide sustainable solutions to online sellers in order to improve customer experience and enhance the competitiveness of sellers in the global marketplace.

Parcel Tracking

The Winit tracking feature is operated by Metropolis system specifically developed for international online trade. It offers a simplified platform that brings together all the concerned parties involved in international border logistics. This system provides customers with real-time tracking data that guarantees precise, accurate, and timely delivery. For transparency purposes, both the seller and buyer are kept in the loop at each shipping process.

How It Works

At the point of sale, parcels are given a unique tracking number. They are also referred to as tracking ID or tracking code. Enter the number into the system on our site’s tracking page. The information will be displayed and you are able to know the location and status of your parcel and delivery details.
Customers are assured of timely deliveries of orders since parcels are monitored at each process. Also, you are able to be in control of all the logistics concerning your shipment through the Winit tracking system.
In addition, we have overseas warehouse centers in Australia, USA, UK, Germany, and Belgium. They handle daily deliveries daily while serving the surrounding areas

Importance of Tracking

E-commerce offers endless opportunities to businesses because of a wider customer reach across the globe. Business owners are now shifting gears to e-commerce and with the help of technological advancements; customers can now experience a fulfilled shopping experience. Shipping websites are updated to offer ‘track and trace’ features of parcels since carrier tracking is paramount to the success of online business. This enables self-tracking by customers hence, reducing chances of delayed shipments and wrong deliveries. Winit is a reliable company that aims to provide you with suitable technological solutions to expand your e-commerce business. Do not be left behind, have a competitive edge and experience exponential growth in your business.