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What is Anjun Logistics?

Anjun Logistics is a Chinese logistics company founded in Shenzhen in 2011. It focuses on export logistics services for small and medium-sized international Internet-commerce sellers.

Fast and high-quality delivery of parcels in compliance with the norms of storage and transportation of goods, implementation of regulations on the liability for cargos and other postal items – all this characterizes the transportation organization Anjun Logistics. This service has long occupied its niche among other logistics companies and gained a foothold in it. Anjun Logistics cooperates with world-famous brands, has an excellent reputation as a reliable and proven logistics operator.

Anjun Logistics adheres to the following principles in its operation:

  • high-speed movement;
  • safety and integrity of cargos;
  • maintaining the trust of customers;
  • honesty and openness;
  • compliance with business ethics;
  • quality and responsibility.

All this, combined with innovative technologies and keeping up with the times, has allowed Anjun Logistics to break into the leaders among other logistics companies of this type. Today, this organization is known not only in China but also far beyond its borders.

How to Track Your Order via Anjun Logistics?

To find out where your package is, you will need to perform a few simple actions. First, you need to know the tracking number of your parcel.

What is a tracking number? The tracking number is an individual code, which consists of several capital letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as 9-10 digits from zero to nine. This code is assigned to each postal item without exception, whether it is a letter or a parcel – it must have a unique tracking number.

Where to find your track order number? You can find it on your parcel receipt – usually, it is indicated at the bottom of the cheque. You can also learn it from the order page in your personal account of the online store website. Also, if you are expecting a shipment, the sender should tell you the tracking code.

Once you have learned the tracking number of your cargo, you need to go to the official website of Anjun Logistics using one of your portable devices with a stable Internet connection and enter your tracking code in a specially designated window on top of the page. Immediately after that, you will be provided with information about the current location of your shipment, as well as the reception points through which it has passed.

If you don’t want to find out where your parcel is right now through the main website of Anjun Logistics, we recommend you use the help of – a reliable service for searching and tracking parcels. Just enter the tracking number in the bar in the middle of the screen, and you will see all the necessary information about the transportation of your cargo.

Advantages and Additional Features of Anjun Logistics

When you log in on the official website of the company, you will be able not only to track any package from Anjun Logistics or any other vendor (e.g., China Post or EMS) but also to calculate how much you have to pay for a particular cargo and other extra information on your shipment.