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Flyt Express is a leading courier company based in China offering mail and parcel delivery services. It also provides transport and logistics solutions in the domestic and international market. Established in 2008, it delivers parcels in a professional and efficient system that ensures seamless service deliveries locally and across the globe. Currently, it has operations in over 190 countries in the world, offering sustainable shipping solutions using systematic and modern technology. It has a vast network of business enterprises linking consumers with swift services, flexible and timely deliveries at affordable rates.

Its services include air transport, storage, handling, express delivery, order management, and tracking of Flyt parcels. Tracking your parcel with Flyt is not only convenient but is also accurate with timely information.

How Flyt Express tracking works

Monitoring your parcel is an effective method of ensuring that your package will arrive on time. The track and trace tool is a necessity in courier companies to provide customers with proof that the parcel is in transit.

At the point of sale, shipment handlers use a scan code device to assign unique identifiers to all the parcels. The number is known as the Flyt Express tracking number or id. The system prompts you to enter a parcel code during tracking. You cannot retrieve the status of your parcel without this number. Thus, ensure that the dispatcher of the package sends you the code immediately after paying for the shipment. It takes a few days for the parcel information to integrate into the system of the shipping company. You can track up to 10 packages at a go.

The tracking system retrieves crucial data such as dispatch date, delivery date, the country of destination, the pick-up point, customs clearance, to name a few.

Tracking enhances accountability among businesses and consumers across the globe. It also fosters good relationships among trading partners.

Flyt Express International Tracking

International tracking of packages is a significant aspect that promotes cross-border trading in the supply chain industry. Apart from the Flyt tracking system, you can efficiently track your parcel via We are a reliable tracking company offering our services all over the world with one click. Up-to-date technology, accurate data, and high response rate are factors that make us stand out from the competitive shipping industry. We ensure that your Flyt parcel is en route and in good form. Since delivery services are prone to various risks such as theft, loss or damages, business form strong partnerships with postal corporations to ensure smooth and timely deliveries. Australia Post, China Post, UPS, and FedEx are trusted courier companies with links to our services. is not only efficient with timely information but is also convenient. You can track your parcel wherever you are. Whether you are on vacation or busy working in the office, enter the tracking code on our site, and the system retrieves the current status of your package. We provide sustainable solutions to ensure you get a fulfilling shipping experience.