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General Logistics Systems

GLS is a logistics company dealing with postal services within Europe and the USA. We also offer parcel deliveries and collecting services. We are reliable, transparent, secure, flexible and sustainable for all our customers. Our parcel delivery service offers online tracking and tracing tools to ensure our customers are able to locate their shipment orders. We also offer international tracking of parcels to our customers.

Tracking Your Parcel

You need to register on our Website to track your shipment. At the point of sale, each parcel is assigned a tracking ID or a parcel number found on the notification card. Enter the parcel number on the special bar ‘Track & Trace’ on our site then search. One can be able to search for more than one parcel. The details of your shipment and delivery information will appear on your screen.

How It Works

The parcels are labeled with a barcode containing necessary information about the package plus the tracking ID. At main points of transport, the code has to be scanned. The current location and action are sent directly to the GLS tracking system.
As long as you have access to the Internet, you can be able to track your package. Whether you are on holiday, at work, in school or relaxing at home, GLS has you covered through the online tracking feature. In addition, the drivers are also incorporated in the scanning of deliveries using a hand-held scanner. For instance, if the customer is unavailable for pick-up, the driver scans the parcel and the customer is notified. Hence, the tracking information is available on a real-time basis.
In addition, you can download our GLS app for a convenient parcel and delivery tracking. The app offers the latest information on parcel deliveries. Also, it is free for IPhone and Android Smartphone users.

Importance of Tracking

Freight tracking is a crucial aspect of the e-commerce industry. As an online store owner, you need to assure your customers that their order will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Therefore, self-tracking is a feature that assists many businesses and their customers to foster a relationship that is based on transparency and accountability. GLS is a company that understands the importance of parcel tracking and ensures that their tracking systems are updated to ensure their customers’ needs are met without any hitches. We offer reliable services that are convenient and easy for our customers.