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Indonesia Post is a state-owned postal corporation in Indonesia providing mail and parcel delivery services. Launched in 1995, it continues to offer quality services both in the local and international market using modern technology. Its core function is mail deliveries such as standard, EMS, registered, special express, same-day service, and economic jumbo post.

Logistics solutions include cargo, freight forwarding, and warehousing services. Indonesia Post also offers financial services such as payments, remittance, fund distribution, insurance, and bank partnerships.

The company has a tracking system in place for monitoring parcels from the initial shipping stage to the final delivery point. It enhances accountability among trading partners and postal corporations.

How Indonesia Post Tracking Works

Indonesia Post parcel tracking system is in place to allow customers to know the status of their parcels during each shipping stage. It is easy and convenient to perform self-tracking on your PC or mobile device as long as you have access to the Internet.

At the first shipping point, dispatchers ensure that each mail, parcel or cargo undergoes a scanning procedure to assign a unique code. The identifier is known as the Indonesia Post tracking number or id, which is a 13-character number, a combination of letters and digits. Without it, tracking can be a challenging task since it is a requirement. The delivery company sends the payment receipt and shipment documentation with the tracking number to the sender, who in turn notifies the recipient. The tracking system is accessible on the company website; it prompts you to enter a parcel code, and it immediately retrieves the parcel status.

Monitoring a parcel encourages transparency between suppliers, retailers, and consumers in the global market. It also lessens the risk of parcel loss, damages, and theft.

Indonesia Post International Tracking

The e-commerce industry is changing the global marketplace as more people are embracing online trading. Apart from offering convenience, it allows consumers to buy anything from any brand across the globe without worrying whether the items will arrive or not. However, it is advisable to know the courier company the online store uses for shipping services. You can track your parcel with, an international company providing effective tracking solutions. We have partnerships with major postal corporations to offer customers the best services. Companies such as FedEx, China Post, Australia Post, and UK Mail are in our portfolio.

To access all the features of the tracking tools, register an account at the official website. It is a simple process which requires only an email address and a password. Enter the tracking number into the corresponding bar and wait for the system to search. After a few minutes, it retrieves the parcel details including the name of the courier service transporting the parcel. If you have a good Internet connection and smart device, you can carry out tracking on the go wherever you are. Our monitoring services secure the interests of online consumers and the entire supply chain industry by guaranteeing instant feedback and accurate parcel information.