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Cainiao Tracking

Shopping at the Chinese internet platforms is gaining momentum among buyers across the globe. The quality that the Chinese merchants offer is often at par with many Western brands, while the combination of price and great service is often a win-win choice for regular shoppers wishing to buy more for less. One of the Chinese e-commerce giants is Alibaba Group – the multinational conglomerate was founded in 1999 and experienced exponential growth with the global trend of e-commerce popularization over the past decade.

The world knows it for famous shopping platforms such as AliExpress, TaoBao, Tmall, and To manage millions of orders passing through the hands of its merchants on numerous trading resources, Alibaba Group collaborated with eight other Chinese retailers to create their own shipping service – Cainiao. The service was launched in May 2013 and within only five years, it has become one of the largest Chinese startups with a market valuation of over 1 billion yuan. It collaborates smoothly with such major international carriers as China Post, Yanwen, and SF Express.

Cainiao Smart Logistics Networks (which is its full legal name) formerly operated as China Smart Logistics Network. It’s based in Hangzhou, China. At present, Cainiao specializes mostly on the provision of logistics services to members of Alibaba Group and operates as one of its official subsidiaries. It has numerous warehouses in operation and manages a number of express delivery stations.

To keep pace with the times and technological developments, Cainiao develops an innovative logistics information platform to render efficient and timely global order tracking opportunities for its clients. The tracking system enables the automated assignment of a unique identifier to each parcel handled by Cainiao, which is provided to the merchant and the buyer. After that information is delivered to interested parties and the parcel gets into the logistics system of Cainiao, both the merchant and the recipient can conduct tracking of the parcel’s route online in real time. The system works effectively at the official website of Cainiao, and the “Track” tab is located right at the main page of their website.

Global Cainiao Tracking

China is far away, and the time passing from the moment you buy an item and get it delivered at your doorstep may be considerable. How not to get your knickers in a twist while waiting for the parcel? Global Cainiao tracking may help as it provides accurate and timely data about the shipment’s status and estimated delivery date and time. From now on, there is no need to do guesswork about the destiny of your parcel – you can accompany it along the way to keep a watchful eye on its progression and detect any delays, theft, or deviation from the route.

To check your order’s status via the Cainiao tracking platform, all you need to do is:

  • Contact your merchant to get the unique Cainiao identifier of your parcel – it is the track number that your shipment was assigned at the point of entry into the Cainiao processing system. It may be found on the receipt of your order or in the email notification about your order’s packing and shipment.
  • Visit the official website of the shipper – Cainiao Global – and enter the track number into the tab at the center of the main page.

Conduct Your Parcel’s Tracking at

The Cainiao logistics system works quite well, and customers rarely complain of having their parcels lost or stolen. Nevertheless, it’s better be safe than sorry, and additional attention to international tracking will always be appropriate. If you ship orders with several carriers, not only Cainiao, it’s better to find a unified resource where you can check all shipments at once. This is what may do for you; we can help you track your order no matter the shipper and the country from or to which it is heading.