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The shipment industry is gaining momentum in the increasingly globalized economy where buyers rely on online shopping more and more. People are attracted by vast choice, attractive pricing, and a possibility to get clothing, food, cosmetics, and many other items from any corner of the world. So, now, it’s quite common to have a bag from China, jeans from the USA, and a swimming suit from Germany – all packed in one parcel and delivered to you in 3-5 days upon the purchase.

There are dozens of renounced international couriers, but Canadian shippers are specifically known for their responsible attitude to doing business. Purolator is just another courier with a solid reputation and a recognizable brand name. It has been operating since 1967 and within half a century of dedicated work on transporting parcels and documentation, the company has

Purolator parcel tracking

The carrier has integrated a very convenient online Purolator tracking system enabling clients to identify the location and status of their shipments in real time. All shipments, once processed by the carrier’s system at the office or warehouse, receive a unique identifier – the Purolator tracking package number. Once the client gets this Purolator tracking id, either from the company’s representative or from the merchant who sends the order via Purolator, the option of tracking becomes available. The only thing the client needs to do is go to the courier’s official website and enter the identifier in the corresponding tab. All details about the package’s route, its current location, and further destination points will be shown once the system processes the inquiry.

Advantages of Purolator logistic company

Obviously, shipping with Purolator makes sense only if you are a Canada-based business or need items shipped inside Canada. For all other instances, the company works with UPS as a trusted shipping partner, so why not contact UPS and order a shipment directly in it? For Canadians, Purolator still remains a highly favorable option of choice because of numerous advantages:

  • affordable shipping rates and solid customer support;
  • focus on sustainability of the transportation supply chain (introduction of Unicell Quicksider, a full-electric vehicle handling delivering in the cities);
  • efficient and timely tracking service;
  • availability of transportation fleet;
  • Purolator app that can be installed from Google Play or App Store for quick and easy Purolator delivery tracking.

Purolator tracking lookup at Pkge.net

While Purolator provides a really handy app and facilitates real-time Purolator online tracking on its official website, there are still users who don’t want to walk the long way. They prefer to track all shipments in one place, which is possible if a one-stop solution for all tracking information is used. Such a solution is Pkge.net – a unified resource enabling Purolator international tracking and real-time monitoring of packages from dozens of other carriers such as China Post, Dnipro LLC, United Broker and others. Choose Pkge.net for tracking of all your shipments – no need to install dozens of apps or visit numerous courier websites. We have it all in one place for you!