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About DTDC

DTDC stands for Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo. It is an India-based courier and cargo Delivery Company capable of handling 12 million shipments per month. The company is partnered with Eurostar Express of Eurostar of UAE.

The company started in 1990 and now serves 10,000 locations. The company has a global presence in 21 countries including Singapore, U.S., UK, Canada, UAE, China, and Australia. At present, this service is considered as reliable as EMS Speed Post by India Post, Blue Dart, Delhivery, UPS, FedEx, DHL, VRL, Professional Couriers, Gati.

How to track a DTDC package?

It can be done in 5 different ways:

Method 1 — Using PKGE.NET

  • use the search bar at the top of this page;
  • enter the DTDC tracking number (tracking code, or ID number) in the search bar, without including any dashes or spaces;
  • click on the Search button;
  • view the history and status information of your package.

As soon as you enter the details, the high-end AI of this website will fetch all the details

Method 2 — Using the official tracker

Track DTDC status using the AWS or reference number using this tool, every detail will be available on the website.

Method 3 — Through SMS

SMS Tracker is a great way for quick and hassle-free courier tracking. To avail of this service, type TRACK < Consignment Number > and send it to 9230092300.

Method 4 — e-Trackers

DTDC E-trackers is an online Tracker that provides updated details. It can be availed only via e-enabled customers. This type of courier tracking system periodically provides details.

Method 5 — Shipment-finder Tool

Use the shipment number to know the package's status. DTDC offers a web-based tool for this job. One can track his/her courier details of up to 25 consignments in one go. For this, you will have to enter the consignments’ details separated by a comma.

Can you find out real-time DTDC Tracking Status?

Yes, it is possible. The DTDC tracker on this page is built with high-end AI and is capable of fetching real-time details. All the details are verified and updated.

What does the DTDC track number look like?

A tracking number is a 9-digit long alpha-numeric code. Each such courier tracking number has a unique code, for example:

  • B62692333
  • Z48482828
  • M39527790

Where Do I Find My DTDC Tracking Number?

Find out the receipt that you received while sending out the parcel for shipment. DTDC tracking number is mentioned on the upper left side of the receipt.

How to track DTDC packages without a tracking number?

In the absence of a package tracking number, you can neither use the online tools or the SMS tracking facility. So, try visiting their office to find out the consignment, or think of, where you kept your receipt. Without it, it is not possible to track the package.

Why can't I track my DTDC package?

This could happen because of providing the wrong details, i.e., entering wrong or incorrect tracking numbers. One will not track your package if you’re tracking the consignment too early. It is suggested to track only after the shipment is accepted by this courier carrier and has been processed.

How long does it take for DTDC to deliver the package?

The courier delivery for your package depends on multiple factors. For instance, delivering small articles at local locations will nearly take 1 – 2 days while heavy goods at distance locations might take 6 – 7 days. Hence, predicting the exact time is difficult.

What time does DTDC delivery happens?

This courier service is available for the maximum time among all Indian courier carriers. The courier delivery usually happens from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday – Saturday. Its Premium Express Delivery is available on Sunday as well. The pick-up will be done on Saturday and delivery will be done on Sunday.

What are the key products & services of DTDC?

DTDC can cater to the needs of various businesses with the help of its assorted services. Its services are strategically designed so that every aspect of courier and shipment delivery is covered. Here are some of its key products and services are:

Domestic Courier Service

Under Domestic Courier facility, DTDC takes care of the delivery of couriers within India. ‘Late’ and ‘VAS’ are two versions of this facility. Other than this, there is an intercity domestic courier facility with same-day pick-up and delivery. This one is a custom build solution. TechMailer is another service domain, offered under this service area. It takes care of the smart dispatch of the bulk mailer to PAN India locations.

International Products and Services

This domain of the courier service provider is divided into two categories: ‘Express’ and ‘Cargo’. Under Express, customers can avail time-bound air shipment facility of non-document and document articles.

Cargo Service is another sub-domain of this facility wherein door to door, and door to airport, and airport and airport delivery is available.

Find more details here.

For international posts, the recipient country’s postal carrier or DTDC’s own chain will be responsible for package delivery. For example, China post will take your package further in China.

Premium Express Services

The Premium Express Service domain of DTDC ensures time-bound package delivery of metropolitan and major cities. It is a custom-made solution designed for the seamless delivery of time-bound consignments. The key features of this facility are tamper-proof delivery, real-time tracking shipway, and timely notifications.

DTDC Priority Service

For time-bound and immediate courier delivery, DTDC offers priority service. It manages this delivery facility via air, surface, and express mode.

Large corporate organizations, financial institutes and companies related to banking & insurance companies can avail of this facility for urgent delivery of important documents and packages.

Supply Chain Solutions

Besides all above, DTDC offers supply chain solutions to businesses of all sorts. Under this service division, it offers air services, premium air service, surface-service, railway facility provision, and full-truckload services.

Other than this, DTDC plus tracking of supply chain solutions includes warehouse service as well. This parcel carrier maintains a state-of-art warehouse at multiple locations. They take care of pick-up and delivery facilities, online inventory monitoring, and Goods Received Note services.

International Freight Forwarding facility

The IFF service division of DTDC is here to optimize the international supply chain at every level. Using a wide range of global transportation networks, it offers international freight forwarding via sea-air, air, and ocean.

You may also try Gati Freight Forwarding services.

How to use DTDC near my location finder?

To spot the DTDC near me, use the Location Finder tool available on the website. You can search by location, pin code, and area. Using this tool, you can find out a domestic and international DTDC center near your location.

What is packaging solutions DTDC?

For safe and sound shipment of goods, it offers a reliable packing solution that includes a wide range of boxes. Based upon your shipment requirements, you can pick the right box and pack the item with utmost care. The packaging solution is available for everything from heavy to fragile materials.

What is the risk surcharge of DTDC?

This is a provision that DTDC offers for the customers’ benefits. It protects against the risks that might occur while an insured good has been sent by the consignor. It covers limited liability. The risk surcharge facility applies to all the couriers/parcels booked under Premium Express products along with consignment booked between D, V, and W series.

What is DTDC volumetric weight?

The cost involved in a shipment depends upon the space it occupies rather than the volumetric or dimensional weight. This part is essential for Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, or other e-commerce sellers as it will be a deciding factor in shaping your customers’ package.

For exact shipment costing, the volumetric weight is compared with the actual weight and whichever is higher will be applicable during the costing.

What are the prohibited items in DTDC?

DTDC adheres to national and international aviation rules while rendering its services. For safe and sound good delivery, it prohibits certain items like live stocks, drugs, narcotics items, fireworks, air guns, alcohol, jewelry, currency, biological substance, dry ice, and many others. The full list is available on the website.

What is the DTDC contact number?

DTDC customer care number is 7305770577 and it is available to attend to your queries from 9 AM — 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. They have different customer care departments for sales inquiries and service queries. Other than the customer care number, it offers an email address and a support aid too. You can also write them to customersupport@dtdc.com or find more contact information here.